Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It snowed slush today

So after a day of rest yesterday, I woke up this morning with some clearer sinuses.  Well..that’s what I thought anyway.  Once I got out of bed, the head clogged right back up…boo Sad smile  And to boot, my voice was gone and I was still coughing.  But I knew that 5 teachers would be absent from work today for professional development and therefore many Teachers on Call (TTOC) would be very busy at our school.  Therefore I stuck it out and went to work.  And how was my day you ask? 

It involved a lot of this


And some of this


By the end of the day, I felt like this


So tomorrow will be another day at home.  Lucky for me I have something like 40 accumulated sick days, not that I plan on using them all up this year. 

Like I mentioned before, I hate being away from my class for any period of time, but I really don’t want to get any more kids sick.  It seems everyone is sick these days..and when one comes back after being away, another one gets sick…a vicious cycle that’s been going around the school…and now it finally caught up to me.  Go figure.  At least the stomach flu has stayed away from my house. 

And it snowed today for a bit…it was more like slush, but it got the kids pretty excited.  By the time I left work though, the roads were just really wet and the sun was making an appearance.

Hope everyone had a good hump day.  Anything new and exciting happen in your neck of the woods?

With love



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