Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let the training begin


groundhog day

Across North America today, large hibernating rodents that we know as the groundhogs will come out from their burrows and tell us how much winter is left.  If the furry critter sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter…sigh…. If the groundhog does not see its shadow, there will be an early spring..yippee Smile.

Apparently we will see an early spring….but I think our fellow East coasters may disagree with this.  So sorry you guys are getting hit with another winter wallop.  Here is what our North American Groundhogs are telling us:

In Canada:

  • Nova Scotia's Shubenacadie Sam and Ontario's Wiarton Willie both predicted an early spring. Smile

  • Manitoba Merv, the province's groundhog puppet, did see his shadow at Oak Hammock Marsh, suggesting six more weeks of winter is on the way. Sad smile

  • Wiarton Willie, Ontario’s groundhog, failed to see his shadow today, declaring Canada would see an early spring. Smile

In the USA:

  • Punxsutawney Phil, America's favorite groundhog, predicted an early spring when he failed to see his shadow Wednesday morning at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pa Smile

  • Staten Island Chuck predicted an early spring this morning during Groundhog Day festivities at the Staten Island Zoo. Smile


I am an optimist and I believe in our furry critters.  I have faith in them Smile

So today I began my training for an event I’m signed up for May 1st.  Myself and 8 other women are going to be competing in the 29th Annual Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Adventure Relay Race.  This is quite the event and I’m really excited to take part this year, but I”m definitely nervous about it too.  I’ve never been in a race before.

snow to surf banner

We complete in teams of 9.  Our team name:  The Cheeky Monkeys.

  1. Alpine Skiing – skiers run a set distance up the hill with ski boots on and then put on skis, and ski down the mountain.
  2. Nordic Skiing – skiers ski about 8km
  3. Running – about 7.5km down the paved road leading up the mountain.
  4. Running – about 8.5km off road running on rough logging roads This is my parteeek
  5. Mountain biking – this leg is about 12km – slightly downhill pavement and active logging roads and single track forest trails
  6. Kayaking – about 5km single kayaker on a lake
  7. Road biking – about 30km road cycling on paved roads and highways
  8. Canoe – last 2 teammates paddle about 5km and cross finish line.

Last year the teams finished the race between 3hours 35 minutes and 6hours 19 minutes.  We don’t expect to come in first, but definitely don’t want to come in last.  Wish us luck… Race Day is May 1st. 

Here is a video of the Snow to Surf.  Looks like a blast actually.

The race I’m going to be competing in May 1st, 2011

So Training began today for this girl.  I had planned on beginning my training program about 3 weeks ago, but then got sick with tonsillitis and a cold.

So when I got home from work today, I was really tired, but found the energy to get onto my treadmill.  I had a snack before running since my belly was beginning to growl at me.  I also had a chance to try out my new running shoes today for the first time since buying them.  Remember these?  running shoes

I bought them a little while ago because I found out my old shoes were worn down and they were causing shin splints again.  But then I got sick and couldn’t really begin training. 

But it all worked out today.  No shin splints and my legs loosened up as I ran.  My goal was to run 3km (1.86miles) within 20minutes and I did it in 19minutes 33sec.  That’s still pretty slow and I hope to improve my speed by the time the race comes.  My problem is that I often get side stitches when I run Sad smile

So all you runners out there, what should I be working towards in terms of time and distance?  I need to run 8.5km  How do you avoid side stitches?

And yes, I did stretch afterwards Smile

Have an awesome night everyone.

Much love



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  1. I can only hope and pray the furry little rodents are right as I am SO tired of snow and ice. Last winter here on the east coast for me and I have to endure these constant storms and sub-zero temps...uggghhhh!