Saturday, April 30, 2011

May 1st Race Day

Hey all,

I can’t believe that tomorrow is already May 1st and Race Day.  It’s also 4 days before my birthday.  This time last year I celebrated the end of my 20’s with a leap…I literally jumped off of a 150’ bridge and plunged into my 30’s.  It was such a thrill to bungee jump. 

Bungee Jumping from a 150 foot bridge.

As for this year, I’m getting ready to compete in an adventure relay race. 

snow to surf

So this week I’ve been busily trying to get ready for my race this Sunday.  I’m definitely getting excited because I’ve never competed in an actual ‘race’, but the butterflies are beginning to multiply and are fluttering around in my tummy now.  I also found out that they changed my route, which kind of sucks. 

For the past months I’ve been training on trails as my leg involves trail running, but since the mountain still has too much snow, I am now going to be running about 8km on the road, downhill.  I’m just going to take it as it comes and go with the flow.  I will be taking some Ibuprofen before hand to control possible knee inflammation. 

As for the weather, it looks as if it will be sunny and warm.  I was actually hoping for an overcast and cool day because I get hot when I run, but I packed up my hat, water belt, sunscreen and sunglasses.  I think I’m ready. 

My team and I are spending the night on the mountain at my friend/teammates family’s cabin so that we don’t have to get up extra early and drive the distance.   

That’s all folks…wish me luck and will let you know my results soon.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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