Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Endangered Species

All I’ve kept hearing about in blog land this summer is about this amazing chocolate.  I found out it can be purchased at Whole Foods.  Naturally, I was not going to pass up the opportunity to try chocolate.  And since I just spent the last couple of weeks in Vancouver…guess what?  There are 4 Whole Foods locations.  Guess who commuted about an hour each way (via bus and skytrain) from my parents place to hit up the Vancouver Whole Foods store ? I also picked up a few other things while I was there.  Here’s what I snagged up:


I haven’t tried them all yet, I mean I do have to ration them since I won’t be back to Vancouver before Christmas.  But I was highly curious and excited to try the one with the bat.  It’s 72% cocoa and contains cocoa nibs.  Oh my !


Intense Dark is right!  It was soooo soooo good.  I loved the crunch of the nibs, but I found that when I had a craving for some chocolate, all I needed was one or two squares and I was satisfied.  I didn’t take a picture, but my mom had prepared a bowl of fresh peaches (from their tree) and cantaloupe.  I ended up chopping up a couple squares and mixing it in a bowl with the diced peaches and cantaloupe.  I can’t even begin to explain the taste.  All I can say was that it was one of the best deserts I’ve had in a while.  And yet so simple and satisfying. I will let you know what I think of the others when I get a chance to bite into them. 

Did you know that bats don’t use their eyesight to see in the dark?  They use sonar waves to communicate and navigate.  Thank you Endangered Species for teaching me something new about bats Smile  I love how the wrapper contains a variety of information regarding the Endangered species on the front of the bar.

I’d love to hear about your favourite type of chocolate.  Have you tried this brand?  Others?

Back soon ! Smile

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