Sunday, August 14, 2011

Surgery Update


So I went under the knife July 29th to have my tonsils and adenoids removed.  My surgeon did tell me to expect a 2 week recovery, but I didn’t really believe him.  I’m a healthy, active and fit young woman, I figured after a week I could slowly start getting back into my routines.  Boy oh boy, was I wrong.

Surgery was scheduled for 1:45pm, but I was the last one of the day and things were running behind, so they didn’t call me into the OR until after 3pm.  By that time, I was starving.  It didn’t help that the TV in the waiting room kept showing food commercials.  I ended up turning the TV off and playing on my iPad.  When I went into the OR, the anaesthesiologist had a hard time finding my veins to draw an IV since I was pretty dehydrated.  I guess not drinking anything all day will do that to  you.  The next thing I remember is breathing in some Oxygen and then it was lights out until I woke up in recovery.

I can’t begin to explain the pain I had in my throat.  I had a difficult time breathing because of all the swelling and pain in my throat.  The nurses gave me some more pain meds and some liquid codeine to help soothe my throat some more.  It helped but all I wanted to do was sleep.  A few hours later, I was being wheeled to a hospital room to prepare for my overnight stay.  There was another girl who also stayed overnight and we shared our room.  The rest of that night was a bit of a blur.  I got to go home the next morning.

Week 1 of my recovery was pretty painful.  I didn’t eat much, was jacked up on heavy painkillers and antibiotics and slept a lot.  My awesome friends checked up on me daily to let Buster out for his walks and to bring me soup and soft food that I could somewhat manage to get down. 

Week 2 was a bit of a different story.  Day 9 post-op I spiked a very high fever and had to go to Emergency.  I ended up with a bladder infection as well as a yeast infection.  Of course the docs give me more antibiotics. 

I am now Day 16 and finally eating some more solid foods.  I lost a bunch of weight, but I will put it back on I’m sure.  My throat still hurts a fair bit, especially when I yawn.  The worse feeling currently is the constant irritation as the scabs have formed and are starting to come loose, a great sing of healing.  All I can do is drink a lot of liquids and things will get better, day by day. 

I can’t wait to be able to exercise regularly, cook up a storm again and start blogging more often. 

Cheers for now,



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  1. Wow! What an eventful summer you've had. I know it's not in the positive way, but yet it seems like this surgery can serve as an experience to learn what to expect in the future when you enter surgery. I hope you are doing much better now.

    Did your infections arise from an immune deficiency? Perhaps, your body was overwhelmed?

    In any case, I wish you-sincerely- a quick recovery and path back to being your normal self.

    Kevin C.