Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chocolate Rhubarb Brownies

Did I mention these are also Gluten-Free?
That’s right.  Take a look at these.  Not only are these brownies gluten-free, but they are also loaded with healthy fats and skinny on the sugar.  What could be better than that?
1-Brownies and dinner 022
Now I can’t entirely take 100% of the credit for this creation.  I’ve been reading a lot of recipes in the last while, and although I did tweak my recipe to my own liking, the inspiration came from several of the sites I came across. (none specifically)
Now remember how I said they are loaded with healthy fats?  Yuppers!  The base of these brownies are made using avocado as well as a little bit of coconut spread and avocado oil.  I figure that it’s about time I don’t feel so guilty when I want to indulge and give in to my chocolate habit. 
These brownies are very moist, which I believe is due to the avocado in these decadent treats.  And they aren’t as sweet as regular brownies, so don’t be expecting a sweet chocolaty taste.  They have more of a bitter-sweet chocolate taste, which is also due to the avocado because this fruit tends to get a little bit bitter when heated.  Regardless, they are worth every bite.  
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Next purée the 3 avocados in food processor and make sure there are absolutely no lumps.  You want a nice smooth consistency. (such a cool color)
1-Brownies and dinner 001
Place the avocado purée into the bowl of your stand mixer (or in another bowl) and add all of the remaining ingredients to it (except rhubarb).  Beat with your mixer until the consistency is smooth and fluffy.  Then fold in the rhubarb.
1-Brownies and dinner 004
1-Brownies and dinner 007

Beware!  I ate a couple of spoonful's before baking and I could have easily eaten the whole bowl.
Pour your batter into an 8x8 dish and bake for about 35 – 40 minutes.  When you insert a toothpick, it must come out clean. 
1-Brownies and dinner 008
Let it cool a bit before cutting and enjoy!  Best enjoyed when cooled in refrigerator.
1-Brownies and dinner 023


  1. mmmmmmmmmmm ....sounds good, i'll have to give these a try!!

  2. Mme B.Knoll
    cest treas bon les brownies


    1. Merci Emily C. J'espère que tu as passé une belle été.