Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Discoveries


Who else enjoys discovering new places around town?  I’ve been living here now for 5 years and still come across new and exciting places.  For instance today, I decided to hop on my bike and just let the beautiful sunshine and warm fresh air guide me.  I left my camera at home, but luckily brought along my phone, so I was able to snap some pictures. 

1-June 2nd 018

1-June 2nd 019

1-June 2nd 022













1-June 2nd 021

1-June 2nd 023



1-June 2nd 024












The other night while I was walking the dog, this beautiful sight stopped me in my tracks. The ships are on their way back to Vancouver or Seattle from Alaska.  We know the summer is soon upon us as the cruise ship viewing increases.

1-June 2nd 009

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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