Monday, September 3, 2012

Bye bye Summer 2012


Welcome back to a very long, overdue post.  It’s been forever since I’ve opened up my Live Writer to write a blog post! I’ve been enjoying my summer months out and about, away visiting family and haven’t found much time to make interesting creations in my own kitchen. 

Today is Labour Day and this day also marks the end of summer holidays for this teacher.  Tomorrow the routines begin once again, as will the craziness of spending my days with more or less 30 bouncing, creative and inquisitive students.  One of the many reasons I love my job – every day is different.  My job is to teach my students, but to be honest, they also teach me a great deal. 

As for my summer, I’ve included a snapshot of my adventures below.  I hope to be back posting more regularly this fall, but no guarantees as I have a ton of things going on.  I’ll be trying out a few new programs in my classroom this year, which will demand a lot of my attention making sure they run smoothly.  In addition to my regular classroom work, I’m also beginning my last year of my Masters, so lots of research and traveling over the next year. 

Check back often, you never know what you’ll find. 

Spent some time fishing and relaxing a little ways out of town

1-Photo 9
















Enjoyed a little bit of camping too










In the Spring I planted my very first garden since moving here 6 years ago.  Even got a pretty nice harvest. 

Photo 8

Photo 5

Photo 13


Photo 1

Photo 7

Photo 1




Explored and enjoyed my city!

1-August Eve 8771-August Eve 6481-IMG_0734










Went on some new adventures on my Island…Snorkelling with Harbour Seals.. so much fun and an

amazing adventure!





Competed in The Warrior Dash – a tough but awesome Obstacle Course Race.





The End!

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