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My fitness journey–6 years in the making…but not over yet!

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I am a person that likes to be challenged.  Ever since my breast reduction surgery 6 years ago, I am finding ways to keep active, get fit and have fun.  Fitness and nutrition have not always been easy for me.  I would get frustrated and discouraged when I wouldn’t see results fast enough (I still do at times).  I was plagued with digestive issues and food intolerances (still am), which made the nutrition aspect fairly tricky. 
I would sit in front of the TV and watch episode after episode of Fitness programs.  I loved watching Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper kick the butts of obese contestants on The Biggest Loser.  But my all time favourite fitness show was and still is The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp.  If you aren’t familiar with this show, in Canada, it airs on Slice. 

Here is a synopsis of the show:
The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp returns for a fifth entertaining and inspirational season with new men and women looking to lose weight in record time in order to fit into a sexy new outfit. Motivated by a special event, participants strive to transform themselves physically and mentally in just four weeks by undergoing an intense fitness and nutrition regimen.
While thousands of people are obese, a far larger number simply want to slim down and tighten up to fit into that slinky party dress, a pair of skinny jeans, or even last year’s bathing suit. But the toughest part of achieving your ideal body form – and the ultimate challenge – is getting rid of those nagging last 10 pounds.
This irreverent and fast-paced series is driven by a dynamic and unforgiving personality: Tommy Europe. Tommy is Canada’s most sought-after personal trainer whose modus operandi is a military-style “in-your-face” approach. A thrilling combination of scary and sexy, he is the drill instructor who’s everyone’s best friend and worst enemy. Also acting as the nutrition coach in the new season, Tommy ransacks the fridge and cupboards, trashes the sugar and fat, and completely overhauls the participants’ nutrition and lifestyle with shock and awe.
This season brings a wide range of participants, including aspiring actors, marketing whizzes, and a former football star, all working hard to achieve their ultimate weight-loss goal
Enough was enough and I decided to get my own butt in gear. I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t helping myself by sitting on the couch.  So  I joined a gym and went twice a day to shock my system. I started feeding off of Tommy’s energy and motivation.   I joined fitness classes and started having fun, but also started seeing results.  The weight loss was slow, but it was there.  But I still felt like I was missing something.  The routine seemed to be the same and I was once again getting bored. 
Then came Kickboxing.  I LOVE this sport.  I found this to be a great stress reliever because I could hit and kick things and not get into trouble for doing so.  And so the journey continued.  My membership at my regular gym came to an end and I went full force into my new love. 
I also started branching out into other avenues for fitness.  I began cross training by hiking, mountain biking, swimming and kayaking.  Almost 1 1/2 years ago a new Bootcamp facility opened up and so I thought I’d give that a go as well.  I started making even more progress and the trainer helped me to tweak my nutrition so that I would see optimal results.  After a year of Boot camp, I saw tremendous results.  I lost a total of 15 lbs. and 4 inches off my waist. 
The_10_Pound_Shr_4d7fe5d833b9fThen one day, as I was grocery shopping at my local Save On Foods, I walked through the book section.  And there it was, starting right at me (and calling my name, I swear), Tommy Europe’s new book:  The 10 Pound Shred, From Flab to Fit in 4 Weeks.  I took it as a sign and bought it.  I liked how the program was very functional and the meal plans were awesome as well. Tommy guarantees that we will see results if we follow his recipe for fitness and give it our all.  And he was right.  He didn’t make it easy though. I had to work my butt off. I lost about 8lbs, but another 4inches in total off of my waist and hips.  And that was all it took for me to fall in love with this guy. If people on his show can have those results in just 4 short weeks, then I knew it wasn’t impossible for me too. (If only he could be my personal trainer on a regular basis – and more money since he doesn’t come cheap). 

Fast forward about 15 months to July 2012.  Tommy Europe has done it again.  He released yet another amazing program, this time completely online.  His new program is called 4 Weeks to a New You.  And I guarantee you will see results, as does Tommy.  You get 12 different videos that last a maximum of about 35 minutes.  Each video will make you work your butt off and you’ll be sweating those pounds right off. 
One of my favourite things about the program is that the workouts were always different and kept me on my toes. I never got bored and loved that Tommy was right there working out alongside me every time. He motivated me to get through the sets when things got tough, which made me want to work even harder. I cursed, moaned and groaned during some of the sets, but felt amazing at the end of each workout. Over the last month, I have gotten stronger, more energy and my sleep has improved. My nutrition has also improved immensely. I lost some inches and weight and am on my way to surpassing my goals  I loved that the program worked as I definitely got some results.
So Tommy decided to kick it up a notch and create a challenge.  He called it the 4WTANY Challenge.  Right up my alley!  For some reason, I work extra hard when someone dangles a carrot in front of me… I am held accountable and I get ‘er done.  And this challenge had the ultimate carrot…a personal training session with the man himself.. Tommy Europe!  Did I read that right?  OK..that was all I needed to get going.
Fast forward to August 27th – the end of the 4 Week Challenge.  The day has come to submit our results to Tommy.  So my entry was a video.  Click on the link below and it should open up a new window in your browser.  Hope you enjoy. 

And so my fitness journey continues.  I have not yet met my goals, but am definitely on the way to getting there and even passing them.  I am so excited to be able to train with Tommy Europe, even if it’s only for one session, but I’m hoping that he can give me some insight and more tools to help me progress even more.  I am so proud of my progress and accomplishments so far.  It was not easy, but well worth all of the effort I put in and everything I learned to date. 
One of the things I learned the most during my journey is that fitness does not have to be a chore.  The trick is to finding something that motivates you and that you really enjoy doing.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, simple is best, like getting on the mountain bike for an hour or so, or strapping on the rollerblades and blading with the dog.  This summer I discovered Stand-Up Paddle boarding as well, which is an amazing full-body core workout.  Heck…go for a run, or check out your community swimming pool.  As long as you’re getting out there and doing something different that you enjoy, you will see results. 
And Tommy…If you’re reading this…I’m so looking forward to Shredding it with you.  I’m ready for whatever you throw at me.  This girl needs to step it up a notch or two and get a swift kick in the butt. 

Have an awesome night… back soon.

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  1. I found out last Sunday that I won the Challenge! Can't wait to head to Vancouver and train with Tommy Europe.