Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

I hope that everyone had a safe and joyful evening with family and friends.  My evening was great, as is every Christmas Eve with my family.  It was definitely the largest gathering in the history of my family.  This year was special because it was my brother’s first Christmas as a married man.  HIs wife’s parent’s flew in from Quebec to celebrate with us as well.  All together we were 12 people…thankfully our table could be extended to host the large crowd.  Dinner was spectacular.  We don’t cook a Turkey for our traditional Christmas dinner.  My family comes from a small area near the Black Forrest in southern Germany.  Every Christmas, we cook a traditional kind of ham….the meat comes from the area around the pig’s shoulder blade.  You can’t buy this cut of meat from just any grocery store.  My parents know a butcher that comes from the same area of Germany and he is able to prepare it for us

My mom first cooks the ham in a pressure cooker and then wraps it in bread dough, which is then baked in the oven until the bread is crispy.  It is unbelievably tender and the bread is so good.  Not to mention, the presentation of the ham is pretty cool.    You haven’t had ham until you’ve had it this way. Smile

A few shots from our dinner buffet:

Homemade Venison Carpaccio

Cold Smoked Salmon

Shrimp and salmon mousse

After dinner we all gathered by the tree...where did all the presents come from?  I felt like a kid again :)

One of the many fun presents I get from my students at Christmas time.

What did I get?  Well with all the excitement of everyone opening up their presents, I didn’t take any pictures, but I just say that I am one lucky girl once again.  My brother and sister-in-law gave me a nice digital picture frame with preloaded pictures from their wedding (and some hunting pics from my brother).  It was very thoughtful of them, so thanks guys !  I appreciate it more than you could ever know.  I also got some money, PJ’s and a nice spa set from my brother’s in-laws.  Merci beaucoup ! 

That pretty much sums up my Christmas Eve.  It was a wonderful evening filled with love, laughter and great family and friends.  I hope you all had a lovely evening as well.  Christmas time is such a wonderful time of the year.  I love seeing all the lights, beautifully decorated trees, Christmas carols and the smiles that light up all the children’s faces as they anxiously await the big day.  But most of all spending time with the one’s you love and hold dear to your hearts.  I am reminded that I really am lucky to have such wonderful family, friends, but most of all am thankful for my health and that of my families.

From my family to yours, I wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS…may this year bring you love, joy, health and happiness.  Be safe and joy this special time of year.

All the best,

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