Friday, January 28, 2011

TGIF Leftovers

Did anybody else notice that today seemed to fly by?  I’m always happy when Friday rolls around because that means the weekend is just that much closer.  And it’s been a long week too, so it will be nice to somewhat sleep in tomorrow morning.  I decided to have a quiet evening once again.  There is lots to do around my house, so I will stab at my chores tonight.  That way I can do more fun things this weekend and cook up more good eats.  And as far as food is concerned…lots of leftovers to finish up. 

Lunch was this:


And dinner was the last of my leftover gnocchi and more of this:


Not sure yet what tomorrow’s dinner will be.  Something basic and kid friendly most likely since the kids are pretty finicky.  I usually leave Saturday’s dinner plans up to Trevor.  Sunday night will be much more interesting and blog worthy, so stay tuned.  I foresee something with pesto so that I can use up my sauce.  Probably a pizza of some sort, but any other suggestions?

Take care,