Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Ten ANDI Scores

Today was Day 2 on the couch.  My throat is still killing me and I was not yet able to eat much more than yogurt and applesauce.  Hoping that my fever will break tomorrow and that I’m well enough to head back to work.  I hate being away from my class for any period of time, and so 3 days is brutal, but I do know that my class is in good hands with my substitute teacher.  Last I heard, the kids have been very cooperative and are having good days. 

Spending this much time at home on the couch is a dream come true for my pets though.  Buster slept on the couch beside me all day and my kitty Misty didn’t complain either.  She curled up in my arms looking for extra attention and definitely made me feel somewhat better today.   DSCN3652

Spending time at home also gave me some time to browse around the blogging world.  Among my travels, I found this:  the Top Ten ANDI scores on the Whole Foods Market Website.  ANDI stands for “Aggregate Nutrient Density Index”.  All foods are categorized as having a number from 1 to 1000, based on their nutrient content, and the higher the number, the more nutrients the food has. They obviously won’t have every food listed, but at least it’s the 10 highest foods in different categories. 

I found it interesting and I hope you enjoy it too. 

Much love,



PS.  Hoping to do some baking tomorrow, if I have the energy to get off the couch.


  1. I love when the doggies get really snuggly when I'm sick. They know the best way to cuddle!

  2. I hope you are feeling better!!

    In regard to your comment, I got the hot sauce at Superstore.