Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reading and Riding

Hope everyone is having a G-R-E-A-T day!

It was a busy one for me today.  I started off the day with a trip to our local library.  They are running kids summer programs and myself and another lady brought in our dogs for an event called “Paws for Literacy”.  This is not the first time for this event, but the first one in a while.  A few years ago, Buster went through some stringent training and screening to become a P.A.T.S dog.  P.A.T.S. stands for Pacific Animal Therapy Society.  We visit seniors homes from time to time and Buster is considered a Therapy Dog.  He loves visiting with people and they seniors always enjoy seeing a friendly furry friend. 

So this morning, we visited the library for about an hour.  About a dozen kids read to Buster.  Here we are all set up and waiting.  Of course I couldn’t take any pictures of Buster with the kids because of privacy issues. 



We will be going back next Wednesday for another session of reading to the dogs.  I’ve found that kids just fall in love with reading to the dogs because for one, dogs make great listeners and secondly, the kids don’t seem shy reading to them because they can just read and not worry that the dog will correct them or interrupt them.  Plus, reading out loud definitely helps anyone who struggles with reading. 

So after our library visit, I rushed home to eat lunch.  A friend was supposed to meet up with me to hit our local trails for a ride through the bush.  It wasn’t raining, so the conditions were perfect.  I was hoping the trails were not too wet from all the recent rain because I really wanted to stay on my bike this time Smile  It was such a beautiful and somewhat challenging ride. 


The scenery can change so quickly.  It can go from old growth forest to new growth within a matter of a few hundred meters.  The trails are for all levels, but I like to stick to the beginner trails, since some of these are even technical enough for me.  

We were out in the trails for a couple of hours, which was perfect since I still have my boot camp class tonight. 

So now I am off to make a pre-workout smoothie, then off to class I go. 

Dinner tonight will be leftover trout and risotto.  I did take a picture yesterday, but it was very blurry.  I can’t wait to get my new-to-me camera by the end of the week.  Taking pictures with my BB is starting to get somewhat annoying (although very convenient, I do admit). 



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