Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Won’t you walk with me?

Since my surgery is coming up rather quickly (2 days away), I’m working hard at finishing up some of the food in my fridge.  I’ll be on a soft foods diet for a little while after my tonsils and adenoids get taken out, so don’t expect me to be making too much yummy food.

I went shopping yesterday and stocked up on applesauce, a variety of soups and juice.  The doctor told me to have lots of popsicles and other soft foods at hand since I will need to rest for a few days later.  If the pain is anything like when I get tonsillitis, I understand what he means.   It also means I won’t be a happy camper. 

Last night I took the dog for his evening walk.  Since I’m not posting any new foods this week, why not come take a walk with me?  I took my new camera along and once again jumped at the opportunity to take more pictures.  There are also a few random pics of Buster and Misty too.

Hope you enjoy!

One of many driftwood carvings along the seawalk…we have a chainsaw driftwood carving contest every Canada Day Long Weekend.


A beautiful evening for a walk.


I thinks it’s cool that my city is situated on the 49th and 50th parallels.  One of our many tourist attractions only moments from my front door.


I think whoever owns this boat is into some serious salmon fishing. (drool)


I caught Buster squirming around on his bed. 



And this is my beautiful kitty Misty.  She likes to lay at the top of the stairs.  Sometimes Buster steals her bed.


Back tomorrow with a new post on Stevia.



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