Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trout…take 2

Remember this guy? 


So I caught this trout the other day… and I wanted to create a different dish with it instead of BBQ’ing it in tin foil.  Don’t get me wrong, I love BBQ’d trout, but I like to change things up too.  So I became creative…and baked trout was calling my name.  I didn’t mind turning on the oven since the weather has not been hot. 

Since I recently taught myself to fillet a salmon, I figured a trout was probably not too difficult either.  It was probably easier as it was smaller and easier to work with.  And I definitely did a better job.  The backbone came off much cleaner and I didn’t leave behind a ton of the bones.  I still had to use tweezers to remove some of the pin bones, but that is normal. 

So once the trout was split into 2 beautiful fillets, I put them in a casserole dish.  I then covered them with onions, garlic, salt, pepper and fresh herbs.  Then I gave it a bath in a nice white Chardonnay – about a 3/4 cup.  Next, I covered the fish with gluten-free cracker crumbs to mimic a breadcrumb topping.  I drizzled about 4 Tbsp. of melted Earth Balance over top and stuck it in the oven for about 12 minutes, on 400F.  Once the buzzer went off, I quickly switched to the broiler to give it a nice brown top. 

My verdict?  I thought it was tasty.  The fish was flaky and did not taste fishy one bit.  The only thing I caution about is that the trout did have a stronger wine flavour, so if you are not a big wine fan, I would suggest subbing it for chicken broth? 

I served my baked trout with my yummy Vegetable Risotto

risotto and trout

Enjoy and be back soon. 

I have a yummy cookie recipe for you soon…healthy and filled with protein… you’ll love it. 



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