Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break Part 3

After all of the fun and games I’ve had this week, it’s time to pack up and go home again.  Tomorrow morning I will pack up the car, grab the dog and cat, and drive back to the island.  After all, it’s back to work Tuesday morning.  I had a great time visiting with family and friends this week and it’s also been an exhausting few days at the pool recertifying for my various courses.  I had my last course this afternoon and am very happy to report that I passed them all and am once again a certified Lifeguard and Lifesaving Instructor.  Now I just need to get hired on at our local outdoor pool for the summer and/or in the Fall for the Indoor Pool.  I am scheduled to take my last course back home mid-April, which will then recertify me to instruct the Red Cross Aquatics program.


Other than spending many hours at the pool over the last few days, I also went out for dinner a couple of times.

Wednesday evening, my friend Rebecca and I got together and went out for Indian food.  There is an awesome restaurant on the beach… a little mom and pop restaurant with maybe 8 tables, but the food is all homemade and oh so good.  We order a couple of dishes and shared it between the two of us…Butter Chicken and Paneer Goa.  The butter chicken was mild and the paneer we ordered with a little bit of heat.  Or course some Garlic Naan to go with it all.


Friday night, my grandparents took me out for an early birthday dinner.  My birthday is in May, but I won’t make it home to visit before at least July, so they wanted to take me out while I was still in town.  We went to an amazing restaurant called “Seahorse Grill” in a small community close-by called Crescent Beach.  The food is always spectacular here…perfect portion sizes, all made from scratch, a lot of variety, and fancy but simple.  This is on their website:

Seahorse Grill is not concept dining and it's not a concept menu. It's a blend of international flavours, 23 years experience and enthusiasm, prepared and served in a casual "feels like home" atmosphere.

Scrumptious pate .. Crispy, house-made taro chips .. Garlic pesto goat cheese crostini's drizzled with infused oils. Sunday night prime rib is a standout event, with seafood, salads, pasta and pizzas rounding out this eclectic menu. Near the beach, this bistro style restaurant offers intimate, outdoor dining during the warmer months and a fireplace indoors when the temperatures outside are cooler.

The appetizer I chose Friday night was of course the Garlic Pesto Goat Cheese crostini’s …. ( I took a bite until I realised I hadn’t taken a picture yet)005and for dinner I selected the evening special….. a pan-seared Duck Breast with a Lentil Ragout.  006To finish off my meal, I chose a Profiterole and a coffee with a splash of Kahluah. 


That’s about it for tonight.  Going to pack up in the morning, head to the ferry and begin my travels back home.  Also planning on stopping off at Costco on the way home…what should I buy?  The possibilities are endless…..what are your favourites at Costco?  Would love some ideas or recommendations….

Have a great night y’all and a great start to your week. 



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