Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snippety Snap

Today was a great day because the sun was shining when I woke up this morning.  It’s about time that we see nice warm Spring weather. The nice weather also meant that I can start riding my bike to work. 

I took my bike to the shop Tuesday afternoon and picked it up again Wednesday.  The mystery of my rear tire was solved…. a staple.  I must have picked that one up when I rode last.  At least everything is functional again and I rode to work this morning.  It was nice breathing in the crisp ocean air on my morning commute. 

For dinner was some yummy seafood tonight.  I picked up some Red Snapper fillets on my Costco trip last weekend and decided to cook up a couple and freeze the rest. 

Pesto crusted Red Snapper


This Red Snapper was so tasty and juicy.  I decided to dip each fillet in some egg mixed with pesto and then rolled it in some Gluten-Free crumbs and pan fried it in a little bit of olive oil. 




I served it with some pesto pasta as well.  I finally got down to trying these new pasta spirals.  I really enjoyed them..they were actually nice and soft. 




This weekend is going to be crazy busy.  My hockey league is hosting our annual hockey tournament.  Everyone plays 3 games and if we make it to the finals, we’ll have one more game to play Sunday afternoon. I’ll be heading straight to the rink after work Friday afternoon and I will definitely not have the time to blog this weekend as I’ll be spending my weekend at the rink, playing and working at the tournament. 

Wish us luck…I’m going to miss the hockey season when it’s done.  But I have new adventures coming up over the next couple of months, so all is good. 

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend.  Take advantage of the sunshine if it makes an appearance where you live. 




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  1. That recipe looks amazing! I want to start eating more fish, definitely going to save this recipe!